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Ramón Luitwieler
Founder and Principal


- Luxury marketing and branding

- Elevating customer experiences in retail and hospitality 

- Scent Marketing

- Commercial real estate

- Sport marketing and endorsements 

Founder Richmon Global: 

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Richmon Global works with small companies and Fortune 500 companies to grow sales and marketing and strategic advise by finding overlooked opportunities and customizing the sales, marketing or overall strategic process to be more effective.




Consultant and elite member of the Luxury institute: 

New York, US

The elite experts of Luxury Institute’s Global Luxury Expert Network (GLEN) specialize in luxury and premium goods and services brands. Our elite experts have a minimum of 12-years of operating experience, most with over 20-years of experience, with top-tier brands. All are current C-level, VP or Director executives, former executives, and independent experts, and have proven track records of high-performance. The Luxury Institute is the world's most trusted luxury and premium research, training, and elite business solutions firm with the largest global network of luxury experts.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Miljonet is the number one online network for HNWI.  Miljonet is an online platform for HNWI and luxury brands used for private networking, and sharing & trading in a sheltered environment. 


Consultant: Air Aroma International Pty 

Melbourne Australia

Air Aroma is the number one scent marketing company and is helping companies implement scent marketing as part of their overall branding strategy.


Consultant: Stingray

Montreal, Canada

Stingray is a premium provider of curated direct-to-consumer and B2B services, including audio television channels, over 100 radio stations, SVOD content, 4K UHD television channels, karaoke products, digital signage, in-store music, and music apps.


Advisor / consultant:

Talin, Estonia

Marketplace for European commercial real estate. Connecting investors and verified brokers using targeted automation.

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